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The Importance of Tags911.net

  • Firstly, our barcode tags reconnect people to their lost items!

    Have you ever lost or forgotten your keys, luggage, briefcase, purse, backpack, scooter, umbrella, or family pet? We know how tough it is sometimes to get these important and often cherished items back. Our barcode tags greatly increase the chances of these essential items being returned to you. Again, this service is absolutely FREE! Just make sure you have registered and filled in your profile information at Tags911.net or BarcodeParty.com.

  • Secondly, we are proud to claim that our barcode tags can save lives.

    Our barcoded medical alert tags, generally worn by people who require special assistance in emergency situations, can be quickly scanned by first responders. The scan immediately displays critical information that enables first responders to perform their duties more efficiently and with maximum effect. It's these first few seconds in an emergency situation that can make the difference between life and death. Whether it be diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart conditions, allergies, etc., any information that you deem relevant and which you include in your online profile (medical history, special drugs or procedures, or contact information for example), can be accessed with a quick scan by anyone with a mobile phone that has our FREE barcode scanning app installed. In fact, as an extra safety precaution, our app is NOT even required. First responders can access this same critical information simply by entering the 12 digit barcode number that is displayed on ALL our tags and labels.