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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What's the purpose of Planet Barcodes and why do you say you "will revolutionize the way we communicate?"
  • Until now barcodes have been mainly used for products. Our barcodes and services have been designed for people. You own your own barcodes and can associate any information you want with them. You can update the information at any time you want. When someone scans your barcode, the information you've included is accessed and displayed to the scanner. That's communication! It's another form of communication beyond phone chat, text chat and other social networking services.
  • Why would I want my own barcodes?
  • Barcodes allow you to advertise yourself, your ideas, or your items and services to anyone who scans it. See number 6 below.
  • What kind of barcodes do you use?
  • We use a UCC-12 (UPC-A) type barcode and QR codes.
  • Do you have a mobile phone scanning app available?
  • Yes we do. You can download our free Android BarcodeParty app here. Soon the iPhone & Blackberry versions will be available as well.
  • What's the difference between BarcodeParty.com and Tags911.net?
  • It depends on your requirements. Labels (approx 1" x 2 5/8") are for advertising items, events, or anything you want. A label kit consists of 5 sheets of 30 labels and each label has a barcode, photo, and greeting which you design yourself for free. You then stick them wherever you feel they'll attract the most attention. Kind of fun eh? You get to participate hands-on in your own campaign. Please visit BarcodeParty.com for more details.
  • Tags are generally engraved metal or plastic and were developed so people can be reunited with their lost or misplaced items, such as luggage, keys, pets, umbrellas, and particularly for those in need of emergency assistance. Our medical alert tags allow first responders to access vital information that can save lives. Please visit Tags911.net for more information.
  • When did you launch these services?
  • June 2012.