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    QR::Tags – Get reconnected with your lost items or pets safer and faster than ever before.

    QR::Tag- Facts:

    Simply scan with any smartphone scanner app
    No smart phone or scanning app? No problem!
    Uniquely coded and connected to your personal message for the finder
    Double laminated and durable
    Practical compact size, versatile and easy attachable
    More protection for your possessions - numerous applications
    One low tag payment – no additional fees

    Scannable with any scanning app for smartphones

    QR::Tags are scannable with any scanning app for mobile phones, no matter which brand or platform. If you haven't got a scanning app on your mobile, download our app for free - here.

    No smart phone or scanning app? No problem! Finder can enter the tag number manually at and instantly get the same result as scanning.

    Uniquely coded and combined with your personal message for the finder

    Each QR::Tag has a unique code that leads the finder to your personal message that you enter at activation. You also have access to tracking views when one of your tags has been scanned.

    Depending on the item and your preferences you can freely choose to provide an image, your cell number, an e-mail address or any other information you like. There is enough space to give more critical information i.e. for a pet that has a medical condition or travel destinations for luggage. If you prefer to stay as anonymous as possible you could choose an e-mail address that does not divulge any personal information.

    Double laminated and durable

    Our QR::Tags are extremely tough. They're double laminated and water-resistant for maximum durability . They do not rip off or break easily like customary shopping tags. Depending on usage, our tags will remain scannable for years.

    Numerous applications

    QR::Tag the Top 5 lost things that you want to get back as fast as possible:
    • Keychains, fobs, remotes (for home, work, cars, motorbike)
    • Pets (cats, dogs)
    • IDs and Passes (corporate Ids, annual skiing passes and similar, …)
    • Any kinds of bags and luggage (camera bags, sports bags, suitcases, briefcases, …)
    • Children's outdoor equipment (scooters, bikes, skates, …)

    You just pay for the tag !–there are no renewal or hidden fees

    Everything is included in the purchase price. There are no activation fees or running fees, and no renewal fees. Order, activate, be safe